Hotlineplastics GmbH – wire application in thermoplastic materials

About us

Hotlineplastics GmbH is a jung and innovative company from Aachen in Germany dedicated to the wire application in thermoplastic foil materials.

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Areas of application of the wired plastic foils are for example heating or antenna functions in backmolded plastic parts.

In automotive applications protective screens in front of sensors can be heated up using our foil system. This guarantees clear view also at bad weather conditions.

About our products

All foils are produced according to customer specifications. Our engineers will also assist you with their expertise with the definition of specifications for your application.

The usually used foil material is polycarbonate (PC) or PMMA. The applied wire materials are usually enamelled copper or tungsten. Diameters of the ultra-thin wires are usually <50 µm

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We are always open to test new material combinations as well as new foil and wire materials for our customers in our sample production.